English in the Lab



1) Identify safety measures and possible dangers.
Student n1 : You will need to go through the documents provided and identify the main safety rules that need to be applied when working in a lab. You can watch the video and take notes to help you find ideas, such as common mistakes or you can detail what equipment should be used and why.

Student n2: Go through the documents and identify emergency situations that are likely to occur in your work environment. Think of what information will be needed in the event of an emergency, what steps to follow.

Both: remember to pay attention to the vocabulary used and the recurring grammatical structures so as to help you create your poster.

2) Discuss and Decide on Organizing the relevant information.
Discuss with your partner and decide on what main instructions you need to detail on your poster as well as how best to organize and phrase safety and emergency procedures in English. Don't hesitate to ask your teacher for any information. 

3) Edit your poster.
Edit your poster on your computer using preferrably a powerpoint or any other tool you find useful and be prepared to show it to the class and to argue for your choices, based on the information you gathered from the documents.


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  • Example of a Serious Lab Accident
    Description: Reflect on the problems that may arise in a lab and the possible consequences. This will help you choose on some important aspects you need to consider involving your laboratory and the staff.
Chemistry Lab Dangers and Safety Rules

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