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It's Electric!

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Process Process

1.    Begin by going to these sites to explore electricity and find out some basic information.

  •  Electricity in our Lives (resource 1)
  •  Simple Circuits (resource2)
  •  Complete the Transfer of Energy Organizer. (resource 3)

                    You may look back at the Electricity in our Lives site if needed

2.    Then go to these sites to practice building a circuit.

  •  BBC Changing circuits. (resource 4)
  •  Build Your Own Circuit World. (resource 5)
  •  Complete the Diagram of a Circuit worksheet. (resource 6)

3.    Next, discover what materials conduct electricity and what materials are insulators by       going to these sites.

  •  BBC Circuits and Conductors. (resource 7)
  •  Who Can Resist. (resource 8)
  •  Complete the Table of Conductors and  Insulators. (resource 9)

4.     Now that you have had fun learning about electrical circuits, we are going to put your new  knowledge to the test!  You are now ready for your final project! During this portion of your quest, you will be going on an electricity scavenger hunt! Make sure to read all of the directions and use all of the resources to answer the questions! When you are finished find an adult to check your work before moving on to the final stage! (resource 10)

5.     Wow! By now you should be an electrical circuit pro!  Test your knowledge by playing the Blobz guide to electrical circuits game.  (resource 11)

Transfer of Energy Organizer
BBC Changing Circuits
Circuit World
Circuit diagram
BBC Circuits and Conductors
Who can resist?
Conductors and Insulators Organizer
Scavenger Hunt!
Blobz guide to electrical circuits
Final Activity
More fun! Electrical slang words!
Extended fun for early finishers.
More fun! Riddles
More fun! Puzzles
Electricity in our lives
Simple Circuits
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