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World War II Dictator WebQuest

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You will be working in groups of four. Each of you will take on the role of an undercover agent with each person working on a separate dictator. You will need to use the Internet and your own resources to complete the task. You can use the links on the webquest to help you with your research

Once you have completed this research you should write up a report using Word, your final top secret report will be submitted on TurnItin by 1 member of each group.

The final page of the report should be a bibliography of the resources you used to compile your research.  

Please be sure to follow MLA guidelines. Image citations are required. (www.easybib.com) 
Biography Adolf Hitler
Biography Benito Mussolini
Biography Joseph Stalin
Biography Emperor Hirohito
Biography Hideki Tojo
German Economy 1933-1939
Hitler and Germany 1928-1935
The Economy in Fascist Italy
Soviet Union 5-Year Plan
Collectivization of Agriculture in Soviet Union
Japan's Economic Depression
Japan's Economic Recovery
Hitler's Rise to Power
Weimer Republic
Italy and Germany
Treaty of Versailles
Germany and Rearmament
League of Nations Failures
Manchuria 1931
Japan Wars against China and the Soviet Union
The Great Purge
Stalin's Use of Terror
Mussolini's Road to Dictatorship
Italy's Foreign Policy
The Role of Women in Nazi Germany
Hitler Youth
Life in Mussonlini's Italy
Economic Crisis in Japan
The world after 1914:
Italy Economy-Fascism
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