Internet Safety & Awareness Brochure



Be sure to follow each step below IN ORDER! 

1.     FIRST, open a new tab and login to your Google Drive Account. 

2.    Now that you are logged into your Google Drive Account, Click on the Internet Safety Research guide LOCATED RIGHT HERE.    Once you have opened the Research Guide in Google Docs, Click on FILE, then MAKE A COPY.  Now you have a copy you can fill out and complete the research.   You can also print out the guide if you really want a hard copy.

3.     Complete each section of the Research Guide to help you get a background on each Internet Safety Topic.  Use the links posted below to help you find the information you need to complete the Research Guide.  Be sure to use all of the websites below so you find the most valid and accurate information.

4.     When you have finished completing the Research Guide, pick one specific Internet Safety Topic you would like to be the focus of your Informational Brochure.  Check with your teacher to make sure this is a good topic for your to promote awareness for.  You donít want every student in your class creating a Brochure about the exact same topic. You must check with your teacher and show them your completed Research Guide before moving on to step 3. 

5.     After your teacher has checked your completed Research Guide, Open Up Microsoft PUBLISHER on your computer.  Choose BUILT IN at the top of Publisher to choose a built in template.  Click on BROCHURES, then, choose any of the Brochure Design Templates that interest you.  You can always change the colors and design of your brochure later.

6.     Page 1 of your Brochure should have your Title on the Right Pane, your Name, School, and Class on the Middle Pane, and More Information & Picture Sources on the Left Pane of the Brochure. 

7.     Page 2 of your Brochure should have What to do on the Right Pane, How To Prevent it in the Middle Pane, and A Definition of your Topic on the Left Pane.

8.     Your Informational Brochure should have the following requirements:

1.     A Large Title at the top about your topic.

2.     A Definition of your topic.

3.     At least 3 Tips to prevent your topic from happening.

4.     At least 3 Tips for someone who has become a victim of your topic. 

5.     Links to 3 resources to find more information, you can even use the resources I have given you.

6.     At least 4 appropriate images pertaining to your topic.  If you are creating an Anti-Sexting Brochure, try googling "stop sexting" or "person surprised on phone" when you look for your images.   

7.     Make sure your Brochure is easy to read, has proper spelling and grammar, and doesn't have any large blank spaces.  Spread out and re-size your information to fill the Brochure up. 

9.     You can always check out any of the Brochure Examples for help!  They are located on the TASK PAGE of this WebQuest.



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