Comics & EFL



1. What do you know about comics?
This assignment aims to let you check and show your background knowledge about this specific topic.
You will share what you know about comics and which one is your favorite comic and why. Make a writting as long as you want and then uploaded to this section with your name or nickname.

2. Do you know a superheroe?
Think on your childhood and tell: Who were your heroes when you were younger (dad, mom, brother, sister, uncles...). Compare them with other super heroes as Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Iron Man, etc... Write a comparison of one or two pages and uploaded to this section with your name or nickname.

3. Give life to a new character
Each one of you will create a new character, with its own and particular characteristics, you must include its personal description, as, what they do, their likes and dislikes, etc. Then uploaded to this section with your name or nickname.

4. Finish the comic:
Now that you have created your new characters, you will end the comic we started,
by introducing your monster creations! You are free to add as many cells as you want (but please more than three). There will be new vocabulary available to ease the completion of this task.
When you finish, uploaded to this section with your name or nickname.

For uploading your work, please send it to englishteacherplop@english.com

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