Stellaluna Lapbook Project



Step one: Form teams

The teacher will put you into groups of three or four. Make sure that everyone in the group is working on the task together and sharing information.

Step two: Individual work

Now, research your tasks through variety of resources. Follow the links below and gather specific information of each task. You can brainstorm and develop your idea. It will be a good idea to add some pictures of the bats you are researching to help other members understand your work easily.

As you begin your research, use the KWL chart attached below. It will help you organize your group information. Each person in the group must turn in a completed sheet at the end of the project. The information you find will be used to create your lap book. Also, do not forget to find some pictures to put in your lapbook. You are going to visit the following websites and find out as much information as you can. Click on the links below to begin your research!

Task 1: Making vocabulary cards and vocabulary pockets

One person from each group will find the unknown or confusing words, and every group member must contribute to make vocabulary cards and vocabulary pockets. Watch the video at the bottom of this page to see an example lapbook and to understand what a vocabulary pocket is.

Task 2: Knowing on how bats and birds are same and different: worksheet

Use the information you collected during your research to write how bats and birds are the same and how they are different. Put this information in a chart that you will find at the bottom of this page. Do not forget to make the worksheet look interesting so we will want to see your lapbook. The information will be included in your lapbook.

Task 3: How much did you know about the book?

Use the websites listed bellow to find important information about the bats. In your KWL chart, answer the following questions about bats:

After reading the story, answer the following questions about the book. Every group member must contribute to answer the questions below.
  1. What type of bat is Stellaluna?
  2. Who caused Stellaluna to fall from her mother?
  3. What did Stellaluna fall into?
  4. What kind of food did the mama bird feed Stellaluna?
  5. How did Stellaluna sleep with the baby birds?
  6. Did the baby birds meet Stellaluna bat family?
  7. Who wrote Stellaluna?

You are going to visit the following websites and find out as much information as you can. Click on the links below to begin your research!

Task 4: Investigating the different types of bats

Task 5: Bat anatomy

Task 6: Investigating how bats use echolocation

Task 7: Fun facts

Step Three: Creating your lapbook.

Use pictures and make it colorful, fun, neat, and interesting. Each task as mentioned above should be included in the lap book

Step Four: Presenting your lapbook to the class

Your final task is to give a presentation in front of the class. After you make your lapbook as a team, your group will present their lapbook to the class. Decide what roles you will have in the presentation. Every member of the group needs to participate in the presentation. Be sure that as you are speaking loudly and clearly so that everyone can hear and make sure you make eye contact with your classmates in the audience.

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