Georgia Regions WebQuest



1.  Choose which region of Georgia you would like to use for your travel brochure. The regions are the Coastal Plain, the Piedmont, the Blue Ridge, the Valley and Ridge, and the Appalachian Plateau. Your teacher will place you in a group of students who prefer the same region.

2. Use the internet to do research for your brochure.  Your brochure will have two parts:  text (the words you use to tell about your region) and pictures to show places in your region.

3.  Use the website below called "18 Sample Travel Brochures" to look at some examples of travel brochures.

4. Use the websites below to answer the following questions about your region (this will be for the text part). Your teacher will provide you with a graphic organizer to use for these questions. 
  a.  What is the land like in your region?
  b. What are the major cities in your region?
  c. What attractions (fun places) or recreational activities (fun things) can someone enjoy in your region?
  d. What natural resources are found in your region?

5.  When you complete your graphic organizer, each person in your group should take one of the questions and write a paragraph answering the question.  Make sure you use persuasive word choice.  Then, you need to edit each other's paragraphs.  
6.  Use Microsoft Publisher to create your brochure.  There are many different templates so choose one you like.  Your brochure will need a title, answers to your questions, and pictures from your region.  Remember, your words and pictures need to persuade someone to visit your region.  The websites below have pictures you may use.

7. Each person in your group should proofread your brochure looking for errors in capitalization, punctuation, or spelling.  When you are finished proofreading, let me (the teacher/editor-in-chief) know so I can do a final check of your brochure.

8. Print a brochure for each person in your group.  Then, in a jigsaw activity, you will share your brochure and get to see the other brochures made by your classmates.


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