Water Sytems: Groundwater



The first thing that you need to learn (because you obviously got elected without a Gr. 8 education) is what Groundwater, Aquifers, and the Water Table is. (Go to the First Two Resources).

From these resources you should know:

  • That Ground water is water that has sunken into the earth because of gravity
  • An Aquifer is a large collection of groundwater
  • Normally Groundwater is pure
  • The Water Table is the top of the Aquifer
Now that you know some basics You will have to learn why The Groundwater and Water Table is important.( Watch Video Titled: Importance of groundwater in the water cycle)

After watching the video remember:

  • How Groundwater is used
  • How it can run out
  • The issues of Groundwater running out
From the information you learned thus far you now know that Groundwater isn't something that is to be taken lightly. It is a serious issue and you need to learn how to conserve it. To do this you go to the internet and research from a Website( Number four: How to conserve Groundwater?).

After reading that article you know how:

  • Everyday people can conserve groundwater
  • The government play an important role in how the ground water should be conserved
Now take this information and make a well informed and thought out decision on what to do in your city!

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