Figurative Language


Onomatopoeia is simply a word that imitates a sound.  

Example: Boom! Pow! Meow!  Ughh! Beep!

Open your figurative language journal:
  •  Date it, and title the page ONOMATOPOEIA.  
  • Write down the definition and three examples you make up or find on your own.  
  • Choose one of them to illustrate.


1. Click on the Onomatopoeia sample poems and read them to your self.

2. Next, do the Creative Writing assignment. Complete it in your Journal.

Creative Writing Prompt Using Onomatopoeia: Rewrite the following in your Figurative Language Journal, make sure you fill in the blank with as many ONOMATOPOEIA words as possible.

Have you ever thought about the number of sounds a refrigerator makes? When it's new, it ____________.

When it gets a little older, it ________________. Whenever the freezer is opened or closed, it _____________, ______________or ______________. I've even heard a refrigerator __________________.

Chairs are also noisy. When a large person slumps into one, they go __________________. When a child jumps onto a chair, they go _____________________. Dogs love to hurtle onto soft, comfy chairs with a ___________________ or _________________, depending on their personality.

A rocking chair is a noisy chair. It ________________and _____________whenever _____________________________.

The noisiest object in my house is _____________________________ which__________________ and ____________________all the time.

Whenever I ___________________I hear_________________________. Sometimes I think I hear___________________________when I am in bed at night. Most of the noises I hear are___________________but some of them are_______________and I can't always explain why _________________________________. The world is a ________________place with lots of ____________________noises that I ___________________________.

3. Click on the link and play the Onomatopoeia game.


Web Link

Web Link
  • Onomatopeia Game
    Description: Follow the directions for the game. You will need you headphones for this because sounds are played. Write you answers in you Figurative Language Journal.

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