How to Prepare for Your Nursing School Interview



Your nursing school interview may be one of the last steps in your admissions process, and by now, you've likely been identified as a qualified candidate. However, the school still wishes to meet with you to ensure you are a good fit for the program, how to write a speech you can, how you do your tasks. Here are five tips to help you prepare for a stellar interview: 

1. Determine if the school is right for you 
Think of your interview as a two-way exchange. Your potential program would like to know if you're a good fit for them, but you also need to make sure it's the perfect program for you. Consider making a list of the top five credentials that your perfect nursing school will have. Then, ask questions to see how each school fits with those credentials. 

2. Rehearse why you're a good fit 
If you can, connect with someone at your school, and ask him or her what he or she looks for in candidates. Or, research the school thoroughly, and find a strategy to position yourself as the perfect candidate. You need to find a unique angle that connects who you are as a student with the school. You must be compelling, as many nursing programs are highly competitive, only accepting a small percentage of students each semester. 

For example, if the program clearly wants passionate students, highlight an accomplishment that demonstrates your passion. You must do more than simply say that you're passionate - you must prove it. Find your angle before your interview, and rehearse it thoroughly. 

3. Read nursing journals and news 
You never know if an interviewer is going to ask you about a specific nursing trend or news item. If you draw a blank, you'll likely appear unprepared, and you may be disqualified. Also, these trends can be good fodder for questions to ask at the end of the interview, as they can prove that you're interested in and passionate about your field. 

4. Rehearse common interview questions 
Some schools may even post some of their interview questions online. If not, reach out to people who have interviewed at nursing schools in the past or even try to connect with nursing school administrators. Even a simple search of generic job interview questions can help you prepare. 

Make sure you have an answer ready for all of the common questions, so you're not stumped during an interview. Also, be sure to give specific answers and use actual examples instead of broadly talking about your thoughts on a topic. It may be helpful to think of what you would ask a potential nursing applicant if you were an administrator, and to go from there. 

5. Do a practice interview 
It may seem tedious, but practice interviews are an extremely effective way to prepare, as they can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Ask your practice interviewer to use some of the common questions you researched. 

However, your interviewer should still ask some questions you haven't practiced for, so you can get in the habit of coming up with answers on the spot.


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