Your Music teacher wants you to write a song for music class. The person who has the best song gets to meet their favorite artists of their choice and ask them question about there career. You have the whole entire weekend to do it. Sunday night comes and you haven't even started writing the song yet and its due as soon as you walk in the classroom Monday morning. You have decided not to do so you go to sleep and will just tell your teacher you gave up. As you are going to sleep you wake up in a room filled with buttons, and on the other side of the room a microphone with a headset on top, you ´╗┐then you realize that your in a music studio... what are you doing here?

   Then walks in one of your favorite artists( think of someone you really like to listen to) who is there to help you write the song. Your job is to have the artists help you write a song that will be good enough to win the contest before you wake up for school. 




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