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This lesson is to learn the kids about the four seasons and includes an art activity at the end of this lesson plan.

After this lesson ,students will be able to:
- Identify the names of each of the four seasons,clothes,colors,weather, animals , fruits.


Story about four seasons
Description: The story about seasons: One day, the seasons had an argument. Each one of them said, I am the best! seasons, the story about seasons, spring, summer, autumn 2 Spring said, I am when flowers bloom and it is green and fresh everywhere. Birds fly and insects have fun with new flowers. Summer said, Yes, but I am when the sun shines brightly and it feels too hot to do anything. People eat ice-cream, enjoy cold drinks and eat yummy watermelon. Autumn said, I am when trees shed their leaves and cover the earth in orange brilliance. The air feels cool. Winter said, I am when people wear woolen clothes, caps and gloves to keep their bodies warm. They get to drink hot chocolate. Birds fly south for the winter because its too cold. Since they couldnt decide who was best, they agreed that they were all important because one could not do without the other.
Funny video for four seasons

Description: Four seasons learning videoa
Song about four seasons
Description: Song about four seasons to motivate the kids to sing ,dance & imagine what the lesson is about.


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