Internet in Education



Dear students,

You are going to become the teachers for the 21st century soon. It certainly means that you will be applying some of the latest modern technology in your classrooms. The Internet being just one of them. 

The Internet can facilitate both learning and teaching in numerous ways. It can be used as a valuable source of information and as a useful teaching tool to add more variety, fun and joy into your teaching. It can motivate students to learn more and become independent learners as well. It creates opportunities for many extracurricular activities and brings out the the whole teaching-learning process outside the traditional classroom walls.

Nevertheless, the use of the Internet in Education is not without any drawbacks. Some of them may be 'technical problems', unreliable information, privacy abuse, etc.

Taking all this into account, can we think of the best ways of how to use the Internet in education and how to avoid the main pitfalls while doing it. Please, take your time to do some research individually or in small groups with your classmates, and try to determine what are the main advantages and disadvantages of using the Internet in education. Have a brief discussion and gather your findings in order to make a Power Point Presentation to present your ideas to the class.

Good luck! I look forward to hearing your presentations!

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