Spain/England: Which are the differences? Let's see.



Today, you will travel to England. You are a detective! You have an interesting task: compair the eating habits between our country and the english one. How many differences will you be able to find? You must explore this webquest and visit the links in this.

It is very important that you work concentrate, because you will have to know the differences between how we eat and the way which english people used to eat in their country. You must follow the steps in order to succeed.
A german costumer is going to travel to england, and then he will come to Spain. He want you to find two main points:
On the one hand, he want to know how many times the english and the spanish people used to eat in a day? 
On the other hand, he is very interesting about the costumes and the most famous meals of England and Spain.
Could you help this costumer to find these differences? I think so.
I hope you enjoy during your work.

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