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For this task you will be assessed on the completion of the webquest. DO NOT REPEAT ANSWERS WORD FOR WORD FROM THE WEBSITES!


# 1 2 3 4 Score
(Knowledge) DEPTH of CONTENT Bare minimum of content covered No extension of ideas evident Shows a basic level of coverage of key ideas only Attempts extension of a few ideas Shows a solid grasp of most of the content Shows extensions of most key ideas Shows a solid grasp of all the content covered Extensions of the key ideas show a deep understanding of the interrelated nature of the content 25
(Communication) Central IDEAS Present but difficult to separate from other information Present but not clearly related to key idea Clear use of picture or image that relates to key ideas Stands out meaningfully and grasps the key ideas of the information presented via video text 25
(Communication) Key words/ Ideas Has only a few keywords Keywords are evident, but either too few or some are imprecise Key words clearly show an understanding of the content Key words clearly and dynamically show an understanding of the content. 25
Spelling Paper has many spelling errors Paper has some spelling errors Paper has 1 spelling error Paper has no spelling errors 25

Total Score: 100

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