Writing your first Resume



# Exceeds 3 Meets 2 Needs Improvement 1 Score
Organization The resume is well organized and easy to read. The resume is readable, but contains one aspect that makes it confusing. The resume confusing and hard to follow. %25
Meeting Criteria All aspects of the assignment are complete: 3-5 facts on past experiences 3-5 on historical significance 3-5 interesting facts. The resume was missing 2 facts from the three mentioned catergories. The resume was missing 3 or more facts from the three catergories. %25
Content The resume is well written and contains dates for all the facts that are mentioned. The resume contains several interesting facts, but lacks 2 dates for two of the facts. The resume is missing several (3 or more) of the required facts and is also missing the dates that pertain to the present facts. %25
Spelling & Grammar The resume contains less than 2 spelling or grammatical errors. The resume contains 3-4 spelling or grammatical errors. The resume contains more than 5 spelling or grammatical erros. %25

Total Score: %100

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