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Almost every of the famous baseball player that use to play and are still playing had to be evaluated sometime in order to keep improving in their game. Even before of playing the game they had to pass some evaluation to see what thing where doing correctly.

Here will be the best way to evaluate a baseball player and what things they should be doing correctly. At the same way this will be good for the player because they will know what to do in order to give a good performance. 

1- Hitting Grip
In the moment of hitting player need a good grip to hold the bat and don't fly when you do the swing. 

Tip- Bath hand together one on top of the other depending the type of hitter. If you area lefty  the left hand will go on top of the right one and the opposite for the right handed hitter. 

The best grip will be using part of the palm of you hands and fingers it will prevent wrists injuries. 

2- Batting stance

Your hand should be at the level of your back shoulder and both elbows down. The bat cannot be behind your head it will be very difficult to hit and not the correct stance. Your feet's should be at the same level as the shoulders and knees a little bend down.

Tip- You can put the bat first at your shoulder to see where it should go and then lift it up to be ready to hit.

3- Swing

Both hands will start the swing and end the swing. The correct way is to hit the ball with both hands.

Tip- Have good balance using feet's and hands in order to give a good swing. 

4- Fielding

Use your glove every time. If it is a ground ball you knees should be bend down and your hands and glove in front of you and on the ground. Your hands should not be under your legs that way you will loose the ball. 

Tip- Trace a triangle on the ground and in the side corners you will place your feet's and in the front corner there will go your glove.

A fly ball you need a good feet positioning and glove in the air in front of you. Don't put your glove in front of the face or you will loose the ball or the ball will hit you. 

5- Throwing

The first thing is to get a good grip of the ball in order to give a good throw. Your hand should be up and back of your head to perform a strong throw. Use your glove has a target, you will pick the target when you are going to throw using you glove hand. 

Tip- Think as a catapult mechanism is almost the same movement. 


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Hitting Grip
Batting Stance
Fielding and Throwing

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