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Valid and Invalid Websites fourth Grade

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Welcome agents! Youhave now gathered enough information to begin your consultation.  Below,you see three links to three poorly designed websites. You will look at all three. Then as a professional consultant, you will choose one of the websites listed that you would like to see re-designed. You will then create a flyer that outlines what changes should be made to the website that would make it more valid and credible.  

First,look at each webpage below carefully. Fill out the notes sheets as you gothrough them. Make sure you list the items that make these websites invalid.(Ex: too many pictures, broken links, suffixes, etc)




After you look at the website and complete your notes sheets,  you will begin designing your poster/flyer using a program called publisher.

Your teacher will show you how to use this software.

       Your flyers , you must cite 3 design flaws that the web designer made when creating their website.

       You must state what the flaw is and give recommendations for how the designer couldremedy the problem. Be specific with your supporting details and recommendations.

       Flyers must be neat, and creative.

       Pictures can be clipart or hand drawn. No google images!

Make sure you check out the rubric that is in the resources area. Thisis what you will graded on.

When you are done with your final draft, please fill out the studentreaction sheet on the link below. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MJ887VK

Flyer rubric
Notes sheet
poster template
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