German Immigration to Ohio




# Beginning Developing Very Good Exemplary Score
Ten page paper on some aspect of German immigrant culture in West or Central Ohio Eight errors or fewer on content material.Up to eight errors in grammar and or spelling Five errors in fact or five or fewer grammar or spelling mistakes. Two or fewer factual errors and two or fewer spelling or grammar mistakes. Very well organized. No grammar or spelling mistakes 10 pts.
Ten minute class presentation Disorganized delivery but at least half the questions answered well. Not good delivery of information but answered questions well A few flaws in delivery and one question not answered. Well delivered and all questions answered. 10 pts
Participation in group discussion Missed two of the four discussion sessions. Offered little help Missed one of the four discussion sessions. Some participation. Attended all group discussion sessions and offered some participation Attended all discussion sessions and offered many ideas which helped complete the project 10 pts.
Attended all class sessions. Three classes missed. Two classes missed. One class session missed Perfect attendance. 10 pts.

Total Score: 40 pts.

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