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Description: Throughout the course of this semester we have been studying some of the basics of strength and conditioning. Strength and conditioning in and of itself is a very broad and fluid field. In collegiate and professional athletics its role is to prepare the athletes for competition. This is done in 4 phases: Prep Phase (getting the body in shape to train) Strength Phase (develop strength capabilities) Power Phase (introduce jump variations and speed work to enhance plyometric power) Pre-Competition Phase (begin to introduce sport specific movements, use previously developed strength and power capabilities). In the field of strength athletics, strength and conditioning takes on an additional role. Not only is it used to train the athletes but it is also the foundation of their respective sports. Whether it's a world record dead lift by Andy Bolton in the sport of power-lifting, a world record log press by Zydrunas Savickas in the sport of strong man, or a world record power clean by Olympian Pyrros Dimas, strength and conditioning serves as the back bone and platform for these athletes. Each sport trains just a bit differently. For example in collegiate and professional athletics, a basketball player will not train the same way as a football player. Even in the field of strength athletics, each subset trains differently. A power lifter trains differently than an Olympian and vice versa. There are a multitude of training modalities. Each modality has a specific aspect that makes it different than the next method. Two lifters may use the same training method but they further manipulate and change certain things so it is fully customized toward their needs for their respective sports. This is why the field of strength and conditioning is fluid and ever evolving. Nothing stays the same! Adapt or perish!
Grade Level: College / Adult
Curriculum: Health / PE
Keywords: Strength, Conditioning, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Strong-Man
Author(s): Josh Bermann

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