The Uniqueness of my Province



Welcome: The Uniqueness of my Province
Description: By discussing the topic "Costa Rica is Pura Vida in Many Ways", we have learnt a lot; now I want to challenge you! I want you to use this Webquest to tell me more about the uniqueness of your province. Here we will share pictures, videos, and information about the province we chose! Please enjoy it, and let me enjoy too!!!!
Grade Level: 3-5
Curriculum: English / Language Arts
Keywords: Costa Rica, Provinces, Pura Vida, Favorite, Unique
Author(s): Yendry Rodríguez


Web Link
  • A Natural Paradise
    Description: Take a look to this wonderful video that describes th beauty of Costa Rica.

  • Description
    Description: Attached you will find the document the explains everything you have to do! Enjoy it!

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