What does it take to be A Superhero?



Welcome: What does it take to be A Superhero?
Description: "What does it take to be A Superhero? " is a webquest that will challenge students of their knowledge about superheroes and give students the opportunity to use their imaginaion to express themselves in a creative artistic way. After completion of numerous interactive web based and classroom activities students will have the opportunity to showcase their creativity as well as their knowledge of superheroes through an culminating activity of creating their own Superhero Image and Trading Card. The TRADING CARD will include a short guided descriptive essay and image of their superhero. Students will share their superhero with the class.
Grade Level: 3-5
Curriculum: Art / Music
Keywords: Superheroes, trading cards, creative writing, non-fiction reading, sequencing, heroes, character, courage, art
Author(s): Christine Sacco

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