The Nurse Practitioner Mentor: The Basics



Welcome: The Nurse Practitioner Mentor: The Basics
Description: Mentoring has been used to support role development and clinical practice transitions in nursing. Mentoring advanced practice nurses will foster role transition, clinical competency, creativity, and innovative clinical practice. The NP mentor will provide a foundation for communication and ongoing support for newly hired NPs. Mentorships are characterized as mutual, reciprocal relationships that benefit all participants.
Grade Level: College / Adult
Curriculum: Professional Skills
Keywords: Nurse Practitioner, Mentor, Advanced Practice Nurse
Author(s): Patricia Bartley Daniele Phd Fnp-bc,


Mentoring Basis for Nurse Practitioners

Description: You have volunteered for a very important role of fostering new NP competence, role development, and team building!
Evolving Advanced Practice Nursing Regulatory Consensus Model

Description: Our Advanced Practice Nursing Model and our roles, knowledge, and skills. Mentoring can foster these competencies
Patrica Benner and Mentoring

Description: A nationally renowned nursing leader speaks about mentoring.

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