Computer Networks



Welcome: Computer Networks
Description: This WebQuest allows the user to understand the basic terms associated with computer networks.
Grade Level: 9-12
Curriculum: Technology
Keywords: Networks,LAN,MAN, WAN,simplex,duplex,half-duplex, and network topologies.
Author(s): Shantell Harewood, Sean Hunte, Kerry-ann O'neale, Natalie Phillips, Geoffrey Wallace .


Student Directions
Description: You will work through 5 sections to complete the WebQuest. (1) Introduction: a summary of the WebQuest. (2) Tasks: the objectives of the WebQuest. (3) Process: steps to follow to complete each task assigned during the WebQuest. (4) Evaluation: a rubric showing you how your work will be graded. (5) Conclusion: *Teacher's Page: for fellow colleagues

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