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This project is a comprehensive lesson plan with the goal of teaching students ten photography composition techniques.  It begins with the assumption that students know nothing about composition with a culminating project where they demonstrate their understanding by taking photographs that use each technique.  In addition, I have included the use of a wiki, so this is a combination between art and technology.

Here are the standards that are addressed:

MA Curriculum Frameworks � Music and Art

1.3 Learn and use appropriate vocabulary related to methods, materials, and techniques
1.6 Create artwork that demonstrates an awareness of the range and purpose of tools such as pens, brushes, markers, cameras, tools and equipment for printmaking and sculpture, and computers
1.10 Use electronic technology for reference and for creating original work
3.1 Create 2D and 3D artwork from direct observation For example, students draw a still life of flowers or fruit, action studies of their classmates in sports poses, or sketches of the class pet having a snack or a nap.
5.2 Classify artworks into general categories, such as painting, printmaking, collage, sculpture, pottery, textiles, architecture, photography, and film

MA Instructional Technology Standards

G9-12: 3.6 Use a variety of media to present information for specific purposes (e.g., reports, research papers, presentations, newsletters, Web sites, podcasts, blogs), citing sources.
G9-12: 3.8 Use online communication tools to collaborate with peers, community members, and field experts as appropriate (e.g., bulletin boards, discussion forums, listservs, Web conferencing).


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