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Teachers, along with technological advances, are expected to teach material to ICT-based students. Technology, especially in learning, not only to supporting media, is also a means to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of learning process. The creation of this learning material is one of the efforts of technology awareness among teachers. I hope there will be more teachers who can share learning materials or handouts based on technology.


This learning material has covered several educational standards, namely content standards, process standards, and assessment standards.

  • The materials in this learning material have covered the competencies according to the curriculum.
  • The teaching implementation process is collaborative-based
  • Formative and summative assessment system


Thanks to the parties who have supported the formation of this learning materials. Thanks to the lecturer of the course "Development of IT-based English Learning Materials and Media", Mrs. Dyah Setyowati Ciptaningrum S.Pd., M.Ed., Ed.D. Several source books, namely the 2013 Curriculum Book for class IX and the learning module. Finally, thanks to Pixabay for the photos that I put in this learning material.

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