External Parts of a Flower

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This WebQuest was designed to teach students about the external parts of a flower. This lesson can easily be adapted for in the school environment or the virtual classroom. The practice sessions are both based online and videos were used throughout the lesson if there are any students who have no access to actual flowers. This Webquest will take a full class session in school but virtually it can be done in parts. 


Subject: Science
Topic: Form and Function
Curriculum Reference: Trinidad and Tobago - 4.1.1 Examine the external parts of the flower.
Resources: Flowers, notebook, pens, and pencils, pictures, videos, computers.
Class: Standard 4

Prerequisite Skills/ Knowledge:
Students would already know:
• Some parts of the flower
• Some different types of flowers
Teaching Strategy: The Learning Cycle

Input: Students will:
• Explore the school’s garden or their own garden at home
• Explore the external parts of the flower
• Use the video to annotate the flower parts
• Draw and annotate a flower


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Ensure you check that your students are understanding the information.

Check for Understanding:

The teacher will erase the sketch from the board then ensure everyone understands by stating the description of each part and asking the students to name the part that goes with the description the teacher stated. Recap the teaching of the diagram if necessary.

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