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This webquest will be used in the form of Problem/project based learning.  The steps are less defined in the process section because the students will be coming up with the steps they need to research in order to reach their goals.  I will act as their guide to keep them focused.  This study will touch on almost every standard for Nutrition and Foods class. 
Tennessee State Standards:

  • Standard 1.0 Demonstrate leadership, citizenship and teamwork skills required for success in the family, workplace and community.  This project will require teamwork and the findings will be presented to appropriate individuals.
  • Standard 2.0 Analyze factors that influence nutrition and food practices in a multicultural society.  What multicultural foods should be included?
  • Standard 3.0 Evaluate the nutritional needs of individuals and families in relation to health and wellness across the life span.  This project will focus on nutritional needs of school age children.
  • Standard 4.0 Demonstrate safety and sanitation procedures when handling, preparing, storing and serving food.  Sanitation is important in any kitchen.
  • Standard 5.0 Demonstrate ability to select, prepare and serve nutritious and aesthetically pleasing foods.  Selection of nutritious offerings will be the heart of this project.
  • Standard 6.0 Explore career opportunities and preparation requirements for careers in the nutrition and food industries.  Career opportunities in dietetics and supervision will be discussed.
  • Standard 7.0 Apply consumer practices in the selection of food to meet nutritional needs and equipment used in food preparation.  Proper selection of nutritious foods will be discussed.


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