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As an undergraduate in the degree of Special Education, taking a technology class, this is my first experience creating a webquest. I have no previous knowledge or expertise in the subject of science. If you are a soon to be teacher like myself, I hope you were able to follow the team challenge lesson plan, accept the challenge and complete the challenge as all of my pretend students have. I must say, after many deep breathing and learning of how to copy and paste on to this format, I was able to complete the webquest for my professor to grade. 


The standards I focused on came from Minnesota Standards of Effective Practice

SEP 6: Community of Practice

Subp. 7. Standard 6, communication. A teacher must be able to use knowledge of effective verbal, nonverbal, and media communication techniques to foster active inquiry, collaboration, and supportive interaction in the classroom. The teacher must:
A. understand communication theory, language development, and the role of language in learning;
B. understand how cultural and gender differences can affect communication in the classroom;
C. understand the importance of nonverbal as well as verbal communication;
D. know effective verbal, nonverbal, and media communication techniques;
E. understand the power of language for fostering self-expression, identity development, and learning;
F. use effective listening techniques;
G. foster sensitive communication by and among all students in the class;
H. use effective communication strategies in conveying ideas and information and in asking questions;
I. support and expand learner expression in speaking, writing, and other media;
§J. know how to ask questions and stimulate discussion in different ways for particular purposes, including probing for learner understanding, helping students articulate their ideas and thinking processes, promoting productive risk-taking and problem-solving, facilitating factual recall, encouraging convergent and divergent thinking, stimulating curiosity, and helping students to question; and
K. use a variety of media and educational technology to enrich learning opportunities.


I had no help and no assistance in the making of my first webquest. 


Attention Teachers, if this is your first or millionth webquest, I suggest before you make your own webquest, look at other's webquest to see how they have done theirs. I also suggest writing your entries into a word document and then copy and pasting the information into the page and then saving as soon as possible. There are a lot of variations to webquests in this format, so do your research. I hope you have enjoyed my webquest I have presented to you.

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