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This WebQuest is designed for students aged 9-12 (i.e. students of Class 3 and 4).  The vision - this website will encourage students to explore science through investigation.  It is hoped that students will increase their investigative skills through a process of guided discovery.  This webquest will develop students'  skills of observation, classification, inference, prediction and communication.  Students can be given the opportunity to explore nature, the teacher can take the students on a field trip to gather the flowers needed for the experiment.

The teacher should (1) go through safety rules especially those pertaining to the use of equipment such as cutting tools and microscopes, (2) ensure that at least one member of each group is computer literate and (3) explain the properties of good drawings, tables and charts.

Strategies: Discussion, Questioning, Cooperative Grouping-Learning Together, Guide Discovery, Educational Games, Field Trip

Materials & Resources needed: bristol board, markers, rulers, pencils, flowers, blades, sheets of plain paper

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