Can You Afford to Own a Car?

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This webquest is intended to be used in Driver Education Classes.  This can also be used in Consumer Math classes.  I have had parents ask me for the packet that I based this Webquest off of to show their children that it is not easy owning a car. 

I chose not to make the Vehicle Data Cost Sheet in Excel with all of the forumlas calculated for them.  I wanted to give my students the chance to get re-introduced to the calculator.  The students do not have any hard equations to figure out.  These can be made much harder for adanced math classes.

As of right now there are not standards in Driver's Education, just Content and Performance Expectations.

14.1 - PA Laws and Regulations

  • B.  Identify and Explain the Laws that Relate to the Responsible Use of a Vehicle - Vehicle   Registration, Insurance Regulations, Vehicle Emissions/Inspections


14.2 - Knowledge of Vehicle Operations

  • C.  Identify and Assess Purpose of Modern Vehicle Technology - Owner's Manual Specifications, Supplemental Occupant Restraint Systems, Anti-Lock Braking System, Electronic Stabilization Control



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    Description: Pennsylvania Driver Education Content and Performance Expectations

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