Causes and consequences of unsafe road use

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This webquest is designed for senior students and is recognised in strand 5 of the PD.H.PE syllabus.

It is recommended that students have completed outcome 4.6 - A student describes that nature of health and analyses how health issues may impact on young people; the road safety topic from stage 4. 

This webquest should be completed within 3 lessons depending on class size. Class grouping structure has been listed in the process tab. These webquest lesson recommendations can be broken down into a lesson structures as follows:

  • Lesson 1 - Research and analyse relevant information

  • Lesson 2 - Generate Microsoft Powerpoint presentation

  • Lesson 3 - Students present information to classmates

It is designed for students to identify and evaluate the broad range of factors that have the potential to impact on the health decisions and behaviours of young people.  When completing this webquest, over the necessary lessons, students apply their understanding of these influencing factors as they continue to practice strategies to minimise harm to themselves and others in a relevant and meaningful context.

The use of ICT resources allows students to examine how health knowledge has changes and propose strategies to deal with future changes. The students are able to specifically identify common sources of health information and services used by young people, and analyse the appropriateness of these.

The following health issues should not be taught as an isolated subject, and should be integrated with health and wellbeing to allow for a broader holistic understanding from the students. Links between the stage 4 and stage 5 topic of road safety should be reinforced so that students understand the interrelationship of these areas.

Outcome 5.6 - A Student analyses attitudes, behaviours and consequences related to health issues affecting young people.

Students learn about - Road Safety

  • Responsible driver and passenger behaviour

  • Factors influencing road use behaviour

  • Major causal factors in road and traffic related injuries

  • Consequences of unsafe road use behaviour

  • Skills and attitudes that support safe road behaviour


Students learn to -

  • Propose and present strategies designed to promote safe road use attitudes and behaviours

  • Use simulation (ICT) software to make health decisions and solve problems relevant to young people


Presentations will be assessed as per assessment guidelines outlined throughout the rubic attached in the evaluation section.


Transport Accident Commission (2010). Retrieved 28th April, 2010 from the World Wide Web: http://www.tac.vic.gov.au/jsp/corporate/homepage/home.jsp

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