Literatura de Latinoamérica entre los años 1900 y 1950

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Target learners: Spanish 2 or higher level students, Spanish composition students

(ACTFL - intermediate) Standards:
     3.1a: Talk about topics from other schools subjects such as geographical terms and concepts, scientific information, etc.
     4.2c: Hypothesize about the relationship between cultural perspectives and expressive products by analyzing selected products from the target culture and their own.  

*Access to literature/excerpts from writings by Latin American authors
*Computer access 
*Projector (for presentations at the end)
*School subscriptions to databases with peer-reviewed journals is ideal, but this lesson can work even without it

Accommodations: Early intermediate level students can work in larger groups to add perspectives to the interpretation of a text and to allow for more teacher time per group, Advanced level students can find their own writing excerpts or read a more extensive selection and create their own questions upon which to reflect

Please see below for lesson plans that expand the webquest into a whole unit of 5 90-minute lessons.


  • File
    Description: Lesson plan, day two: finding more background information after web quest

  • File
    Description: Lesson plan, day four: using web quest findings and reading to evaluate text in a political, historical, and cultural context

  • File
    Description: Lesson plan, day five: presentations of learning throughout the week-long unit

  • File
    Description: Lesson plan, day three: reading

  • File
    Description: Lesson plan, day one: using the web quest

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