¡Celebramos la navidad en Mexico! (Let’s Celebrate Christmas in Mexico!)

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The lesson “Celebramos Navidad en Mexico” is designed to help students gain a further appreciation of the differences and similarities of the culture of their daily lives and that of another country.  It is designed to expand their vocabulary and enhance spoken and written language skills in the target language.  It also allows differentiation within groups and individual expression through a choice of products to be produced using several different mediums.

Materials needed:   Class set of Spanish books, computer lab, internet access, library resources, magazines, phone book (hard copy or on-line), digital video camera, construction paper, poster boards, drawing paper, paints, paint brushes, papier-mâché materials, tape recorder, MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Publisher, digital camera  and additional materials for student-created products.


The following hyperlink will take you to the zunal website where you can view, create, or copy grading rubrics to help students understand the expectations of each product that they choose to create and how it will be graded.


This lesson covers the following Oklahoma PASS standards:  2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 3.2, 4.2, 5.2 Observations and comparisons of Mexican Culture (celebrations, food, etc.) which includes incorporation of the Spanish language into a student's cultural experience.

The lesson “Celebramos Navidad en Mexico” was developed as part of the “Gear Up” Teachers seminar for utilization of technology in the classroom developed by The University of Tulsa, a federally funded Technology grant.


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