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Key Learning Area: Pollution

Syllabus Outcome: Using the primary standard two curriculum guide page 121, a students defines the term pollution and describes the causes, effects and prevention methods of land, air and water pollution. 

Content Strand: Strategies to prevent pollution in the environment.

Students learn about: 

  • acquiring knowledge
  • what is pollution
  • three types of pollution: land, water and air.
  • causes and effects of pollution.
  • preventative measures of pollution
  • working together

Other Key Learning Areas: ICT, Literacy and Art

Duration: 20-25 minutes 

Rationale: This lesson addresses the topic of pollution. Students will acquire knowledge about what is pollution, types of pollution, causes and effects of air, land and water pollution and lastly they will discuss preventative methods towards air, land and water pollution based on one's behavior. Students use critical thinking and ICT to research on pollution and come up with a preventative poster and campaign about preventative methods on pollution. This activity can also engage a number of different learners, kin-aesthetic, reading/ writing, art and students who love to talk and discuss information. 

Resources: Laptops/computers, internet, workbooks.


The Social Studies primary curriculum for standard two's is used in this lesson so students  can gain knowledge and develop a life long skill of preventing pollution in the environment. 


  1. Youtube for all our videos used for the lesson.
  2. Google for all our images and information. 

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