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Reasons Teaching Is The Best Profession

Teachers. We're too often known for being the classroom dictators who suck the fun out of everything, yell at gum-chewers, and cause carpal tunnel from making students write too much. People tend to forget that some of the most important adults in their lives when they were growing up were their teachers. On a daily basis, teachers solve problems, develop great thinkers, and change lives. Because of the bad rap that these loving professionals get, I deemed it necessary to remind everyone why this career is one of the best there is.


1.Teachers believe in dreaming big.
We encourage people every day to believe that they can be anything they want to be if they try hard. After telling students this over and over, how can you not believe in it yourself?
2. We positively impact the future.
Our classrooms are full of future politicians, beauty queens, doctors, lawyers, military men and women, public speakers, radio broadcasters, social workers, nurses, moms and dads, and maybe even a few other teachers. We literally touch and impact every aspect of our worlds future.
3. We never stop learning.
Teachers acquire more degrees in their lifetimes than people in any other profession. Even if a teacher doesn't go back to a university after getting their Bachelor's, he or she constantly learns knew things about the subject they teach, about themselves, and about people in general.
4. Teachers work with the most interesting people in the world: children.
I mean really, have you ever spent an hour with 30 children in one room? It gets pretty interesting.
5. We will always be current and relevant with the trends.
Our students are sure to keep us informed of the newest trends when we wear something that is "so last year." We hear all the new lingo in the hallways, and our other friends ask us what the kids are doing these days.
6. Our job is the LEAST boring job on the planet.
Every day looks different from the last, and we never know what is coming next. Teachers never have to worry about getting stuck in a rut of the ho hum daily routine.
7. We're also guidance counselors, mediators, stand-up comedians, public speakers, cheerleaders, game show hosts, play-by-play commentators, and one-man circuses.
8. Teachers get to laugh all day.
How many other jobs in the world allow you to joke around, have fun, and laugh while your on the job? We don't have to be dictators all day long.
9. We have perfected the art of feedback.
Need to tell someone something they are doing wrong? Just sandwich criticism and your good to go. "I'm so proud of your work ethic Elena. You should not have started that rumor about your best friend. People really listen to you; you should use that to help others."
10. Teachers are matchmakers.
We control who interacts with whom in our classroom. Oh Ally and Samantha had a fight and said they aren't friends anymore? We'll see about that after I move them into the same group today in class. TJ and Erika swear they hate each other? Well what if I make them sit together and then they realize that they actually really like each other? It's not controlling, we're just being helpful.


We see brilliance every day.
Lightbulbs come on in the middle of lessons, and that's when we know that our jobs make a difference. We see kids discover their own intelligence and it makes us feel completely warm and fuzzy inside.
We get a whole room to call our own.
Those four cinderblock walls or that little portable becomes a home away from home, and we hope our students feel that way too.
Can anyone say "Hello weekends!"
Call all of the teacher friends; let's go out for dinner and drinks and talk about our weeks.
It may be the most challenging thing to ever do.
We work all day, seven days a week, 12 months out of the year. Even though people may think having so much "time off" is on of the many blessings of teaching, it's actually just time that we spend grading papers, giving effective feedback, perfecting lessons, and finding new creative ideas for our classrooms. Challenging, however, is one of a teacher's favorite words.


Maybe I'm a little blased, being a future educator myself, but I truly believe that if a rewarding career is what your looking for, you don't have to look any further than the classroom you grew up in for direction.
For all my teacher friends: remember, we make a difference, and our jobs are the best out there.

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