Safety at the Beach

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Key Learning Area: PDHPE

Syllabus Outcome(s): 4.7 A student identifies the consequences of risk behaviors and describes strategies to minimize harm

Content Strand: Strategies to Minimize Harm

Students learn about:

  • acquiring knowledge
  • the UV protection offered by sunshades and beach canopies 
  • safe attitudes, eg concern for others, impunity, responsibility
  • Developing personal skill
  • Recognizing, assessing and responding to risk situations

Students learn to:

  • describe strategies to minimize harm in each of the following real life situations when exposed to the sun and in water conditions

Other Content Strands: 4.2, 4.6, 4.8

Other KLA: ICT, Literacy, Art

Duration:  Whole lesson  60 minutes

Rational: This activity addresses outcome 4.7. It specifically addresses a number of the students learn about points  acquiring knowledge, about safety in water conditions, sun exposure and to develop safe attitudes by recognizing their own responsibility when at the beach, developing personal skills, by learning ways to protect yourself from the suns damage and water safety, Risk situations by identifying risks with sun exposure and having solutions to protect yourself. Students use critical thinking and ICT to research on beach safety and come up with a preventative poster and campaign about beach safety. This activity can also engage a number of different learners,  kin-aesthetic, reading/ writing, art and students who love to talk and discuss information.

Resources:  Laptops/ computers, internet workbooks, A3 cardboard


 2 minutes

















Teacher Introduces the topic-

The beach is very much enjoyed by Australians, and it a is part of the Australian culture to visit the beach on a regular basis. We are now learning the consequences of tanning and it important that we know how to protect ourselves when in the sun. We also need to be aware of how to be safe in different water conditions at the beach

Students will get into group of 4 and use magazines to make collages on how to recognise harm.

Task 1: Students to answer following questions:

Q: When going to the beach for a day, what risks are being proposed?

* Use the resource down the bottom of the page to help you answer the question

Task 2: Each group will be assigned to make a preventative poster to one of the following risks:

- water levels

- water conditions

- where to swim at the beach

* To get ideas visit thes sites;



Task 3: In groups of 4 students are to visit these two websites;



And create an advertising campaign on how to protect yourself in the sun. 

Students can choose to present their campaign however they like  -

Eg powerpoint, poster, video, website, role-play.

Students must include the following in their campaigns-

  • What is a tan?
  • Consequences of tanning
  • Statistics
  • What types of people are more at risk?
  • What are some high risk environments?
  • How do you stay safe in the sun?
  • Some interesting facts.

* Need to get ideas, one type of caimpain is on TV - http://www.darksideoftanning.com.au/campaign/tvc.aspx


Students will then present their posters and campaigns in the following lesson.






Short Answer Response





 Formal Observation and Short Presentation










Peer work. Informal assessment.







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