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This section is NOT, as you might have thought, the place where you, teacher, introduce yourself. Instead, this is a section aimed at your fellow educators. Just as with the students, you need to hook the teacher, too, so use this as a place to express your enthusiasm for what you've put together for them. In this page, you are expected to provide advice for other teachers, list the curriculum standards your webquest covers, provide credits for the resources you used in your webquest and any other information a teacher should now.


This is the section to list the standards your WebQuest addresses. Please make sure to list your national or state standards along with your curriculum and grade level. Also list the numbers and standard description rather than listing just numbers.NA


This is the section to thank others whose work you utilized in your webquest. Are there any particular website, book or people who helped you built your webquest? Did you use any images (with permission) from other sites? Would you like to thank the instructor or workshop leader who guided you in your WebQuest creation? Would you like to cite the class/course/workshop etc where you learned how to build a webquest? Please do not include a list of URLs you used within your WebQuest. This is not about re-listing resources!



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