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This Web Quest is about teaching how to find the 'area' any shape to primary school students in a dynamic, structured and student centered way. It can help primary school teachers enhance their way of teaching in their classrooms. Resources are practical based and they will help teachers to be the facilitator guiding the teaching and learning process. With the use of this site, teachers will provoke or pique the thought process of their students, it enhances collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. Students in the flipped classroom ( student-centered) are more actively engaged and have more time for questions, and the teacher spends more time directly interacting with students in small-group settings.


As the National Standards Curriculum (NSC) seeks to allow students to become the 21st Century learners, I endorse this notion a hundred percent. With the use of this site, students will be exposed to hands-on activities, they will develop problem- solving skills through critical thinking, they will be exposed to real- life situations where their creativity will be boosted and collaboration is evident.

The NSC is not training the students for the present but for the future and also for them to become life-long and well-rounded learners. It addresses the holistic learner and so every aspect of the learner is catered for. With the aid of this Web Quest the goals set for the primary level can be accomplished and a higher level of learning attained. Teachers are guided by the NSC  to ensure that their students meet the demands targeted.


I want to express my deep appreciation for the assistance received to make the completion of this Web Quest a reality. To God the Source of my strength and the Head of my life. A few of my classmates who I could rely on to explain the steps that were still not clear to me especially Ms. S. Hall. 

I want to express sincere appreciation to my lecturer Mrs. D. Young for putting me to the test in order for me to grow and develop confidently and also to be able to extend this new knowledge to my students and colleagues in my work place.

The Google search site that I got images and video from.

I could never have done it without you all. A big thank you.


A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others. So are you my fellow teachers, we can change the world one child at a time. Let us therefore walk in our calling. It may be hard at times but it is very satisfying to see your students grow and develop into the positive men and women they were destined to be. Continue to make a difference so that one day you can see the change.

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