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Colleagues, I thoroughly enjoyed putting this webquest together. With a background in powerlifting and an enjoyment for strength athletics, it was a pleasure to walk my students through the way they train as well as all the guidelines they must adhere to when prepping for their competitions. One simple mistake can cost them a competition, and in the case of the Olympic athletes, they will have to wait 4 years before getting another shot at it. This is a very cliquey subset of strength and conditioning, and one that needs more attention than what it gets. Before using this webquest in your classroom, I would advise brushing up on the different federations websites. There is a wealth of information on them that can be used, that I simply didn't have time to include. 


This webquest is within the Exercise Science discipline. More specifically the field of strength and conditioning examining the subset of strength athletics. Students completing this assignment are at the collegiate level. Exercise Science/Kinesiology/Exercise Physiology major students. Students taking this class and examining this webquest are ultimately looking to sit for their strength certification.


Sources used:

Olympic Website

USA Olympic Team Website

IPF Website

IPF YouTube Channel

World's Strongest Man Website

World's Strongest Man YouTube Channel

Juggernaut Squat and Deadlift Manual

USA Weightlifting Manual

Programming Article written by Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell

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