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As a precursor to any science teacher who wishes to construct a web quest , do bear in mind that the content that the student will use to complete the task must be specific. That means a general website with all the information is too vague depending on the age group, ensure that the specific heading or column on the web page is given to narrow the students search , as the time frame for most lesson is 40 minutes.

On a public serve like what is used in a public school, be vigilant and block social sites like Facebook, and twitter,etc (unless they are part of the web quest) to ensure that student stay on task instead of idling the class session. As a final note,  be creative, do not limit the lesson to just student watching a YouTube video, try to find interactive websites that present the content in a unique and exciting way for the student to enjoy, ask the carry out class work.


The National Education Strategic Plan (NESP) 2011-2020

The Macro Strategic Objectives articulated in the NESP are:

1 Provide equitable access and/or attachment to a high quality education system for all Jamaican children ages 3-18.
2 Improve the standards and quality of Jamaica’s education system by establishing a robust accountability framework for all stakeholders by 2015.
3 Improve learners’ performance across the formal education system and the wider society to achieve universal literacy and at least 85% numeracy by 2015.
4 Provide a safe and secure physical environment which is conducive to learning for all learners in public education institutions by 2020.
5 Build partnerships with donors, private sector partners, the community, parents, employers, and those committed to creating a strong education system.
6 Provide a resource-rich environment supportive of all learners at all levels in the public education institutions by 2020.



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[MEDICAL] 3D Anatomy & Physiology Animations : Digestive System. Retrieved March 19, 2018, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PzANr8VyUg


throughout the duration of this class you are expected to:

1. Clearly define digestion,

2. Be able to identify the various parts of the digestive system.

3.Be able to identify the function of the various parts of the digestive system.

4.Briefly explain the process of digestion from the start to the end.

5.Show understanding of the process of digestion as it involves 2 processes. 

*Mechanical digestion
*Chemical digestion

6.To show the various parts of the body that each type of digestion takes pace at, also note all important organ structure and enzyme that is present at the site of the different type of digestion. 

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