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This webquest has been created as a source for providing students a different way to present new projects in a funny and interactive form by making use of technology in a meaningful way, it must take into account that every step presented, it has to be very clear for students in order to they can  create a good project , and at the same time,  it has to call the attention to the class and the rest of the audience.


This activity has been designed for colleage/ adult students. The topics as grammar and vocabulary have been used according to the student's level in order to they can put in practice what they have learnt in previous classes in an easy way.


Some of the resources used in order to students can develop the project were:  Two videos about how to create a city model:
SMART CITY # 100% Top model,  HOW TO MAKE MODEL OF CITY,  and a web site with a list of places in the city: Places in a City, English Vocabulary. Also a rubric oral evaluation to evaluate the students presentation with different cathegories. Finally some pictures from internet about some city models.


Let me share with you colleagues, this a good tool technologic for teaching students. I have had the opportunity to use it may times during my four years working as English teacher at the Univerisy. I recommend it, it is very helpful as teachers as students too.

Any information required regarding to this webquest you can contact me through my email: rcarlosgf@yahoo.es

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