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This WebQuest basically focuses on an introduction to the Hispanic holiday Day of the Dead. The objective of this webquest is to help students learn about Day of the Dead and how it is celebrated. The lesson uses research and hands on projects as a fun way for students to help learn about the subject.

I would recommend starting this project after you have introduced Hispanic Heritage Month. This way, the students will have some background knowledge and they should be able to take this project further than without any previous knowledge. They will also have a better vocabulary when writing their report and for the projects.

  • Students will learn about the Day of the Dead.
  • Students will use teamwork to produce an informative presentation.
  • Students will come to understand that different does not mean "weird or bad".
  • Students will have "fun" with a new cultural experience.

Prerequisite Skills: Comfort level with the Internet
Time Required: 4+1 day- 4 days for lessons and preparation ( 45 minutes each) and 1 day for presentation day.
Technology Needs/Materials Needed
Since students will be working in groups, it is not necessary for each student to have a computer, but each group must have one accessible well as the WebQuest "Day of the Dead".

Various art supplies depending on group choices for projects. (Lots of color, feathers, glitter and flower petals!)

A good classroom print library with several books on the subject


The resources and web links included on this website are external websites and I would like to thank them for creating such useful WebPages.

The following are links to the photos and pics I used:






Also:  Are you ready to celebrate PI DAY? I used this as a template - thank you.
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