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This WebQuest is about plant specie diversity and the use of quadrant sampling as a technique to study the diversity of plant specie in a given area.  Most of the steps involved in the WebQuest is done in the classroom but it also takes the students outside of the classroom to practice what they have learnt. Majority of the activity requires individual work while the fieldwork requires the students to work as a class or in groups. The use of WebQuest makes it possible and easy to integrate technology in classrooms. 


The Jamaican education system have implemented STEM in its high school curriculum. The T in STEM stands for technology and the aim of using WebQuest is to integrate technology in the classroom while teaching geography which is one of the aims of STEM. This WebQuest was developed for geography students in grades 11-12.


Special thanks should be given to the lecturer of my Education Technology (2016) class through whom I've been introduced to WebQuest.
Mrs. Williams-Young

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