Adolescent Relationship and Dating Abuse

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This WebQuest focuses on teen dating and relationship abuse and becoming proactive to help combat the problem. The objective of this webquest is for students to learn about teen dating and relationship abuse while also gaining knowledge on how to create an organization/club. The lesson uses the creation of an organization/club in order to get the students to analyze research and give a presentation on the topic provided.




I would recommend starting this project after you have introduced and started your regular unit on Relationship and Dating. This way, the students will have some background knowledge and understanding of the topic. Also it is important to set ground rules for the students about respect and consideration for others feelings; since this is a very potentially sensitive subject for many students. Actually the CDC reports that 1 in every 4 adolescents reports being verbal, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse each year (CDC, 2009) so most students would have experience, or known someone who experience dating and relationship abuse.




Other Information:

Prerequisite Skills: Student must be able to use the Internet


Approximate Time Required: 4 days total- 2 days for research plus the creation of the organization/club and any materials needed for the presentations; and another 2 days for the presentations and discussions after each presentation (assuming a 45 minutes class)



Technology Needs/Materials Needed

-Each students must have their own computer in order to asses and select the information needed in which their group has deemed them responsible.

-A copy of the WebQuest and Attachments 1 & 2 will also aid the students in completing the project out of school, or possibly in school without the computers after all research is done (depending on the availability of computers) 


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