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This webquest is about how a worker or a student is able to perform his/her task in a workplace. this is about the evaluation of workers and whoever visited our site on how they will apply the quality standards in a real life situation. This will also evaluate each of you about how flexible you are during work.

For the teachers, Please visit and use this site as a learning reference to teach and evaluate students on how to be good in a workplace, but also, as a teacher, you must be the first one to apply and reflect on how to improve your workplace, you must be a good model of each of your student to empower and motivate them to do good.


You should be able to know the importance of setting standards in a workplace.
Recognize the different things to consider to improve a workplace
Be informed and aware of the ways to consider on how to have an organize workplace


This web quest is created by:
Edrian Laylo and Rinnel Bonifacio of Class BM 105



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