American Revolution Colonial Newspaper

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Standards this webquest includes:


5.5.6 Write for different purposes (information, persuasion, description) and to a specific audience or person


English/Language Arts
5.2.1 Use the features of informational texts
5.3.1 Identify and analyze the characteristics of poetry, drama fiction, and nonfiction



5.1.6 Identify and discuss instances of both cooperation and conflict between Native American Indians and European settlers, such as agriculture, trade, cultural exchanges and military alliances, as well as later broken treaties, massacres and conflicts over control of the land. (Individuals, Society and Culture)


5.1.10 Identify major British and American leaders and describe their roles in key events of the war for independence


5.1.12 Identify contributions of women and minorities during the American Revolution. (Individuals, Society and Culture)


5.1.19 Using primary and secondary sources examine an historical account about an issue of the time, reconstruct the literal meaning of the passages by identifying who was involved, what happened, where it happened, what events led to these developments, and what consequences or outcomes followed.

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