Build Your Word Knowledge With Prefixes!

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This webquest is aimed at helping students discover prefixes and memorize their meanings through games, recording, and synthesizing the information they gather into a story.  This  webquest can be used with a minimum of 2 students or a whole class working in partners.  It also has a secondary emphasis on American history.


This WebQuest addresses the English and Language Arts 3rd grade common core standard as follows: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RF.3.3a Identify and know the meaning of the most common prefixes and derivational suffixes.
This WebQuest was designed to help 3rd graders, ESL learners, or students with specific learning disabilities to meet, partially, the CCSS 3.3a in literacy.


Thanks to Dr. T in Lipscomb University's graduate education program for introducing us to Zunal and assigning us the task of completing a WebQuest in an area of our subject matter.

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