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This site was designed for AP Biology class at Sayville HS, NY


This site covers details of cellular respiration not appropriate to high school level biology, although some honors level students or those with special interest in cellular biochemistry may find it appropriate.


I begin the unit with a lecture overview on cellular respiration, with reminders of the overall formula 

C6 H12 O6 (glucose)  +  O2 =>  CO2 + H2O + energy


I then allow them to participate in the webquest where their knowledge will be enhanced in a non-threatening, non-boring (I hope) way.


NYS Learning Standards that apply to this lesson are:

MST 1C Scientific Inquiry

Coordinate explanations at different levels of scale, points of focus, and degrees of complexity and specificity and recognize the need for such alternative representations of the natural world

Refine their research ideas through library investigations, including electronic information retrieval and reviews of the literature, and through peer feedback obtained from review and discussion


MST 2C Technology

 Access, select, collate, and analyze information obtained from a wide range of sources such as research data bases, foundations, organizations, national libraries, and electronic communication networks, including the Internet


MST 4C The Living Environment

Describe and explain the structures and functions of the human body at different organizational levels (e.g., systems, tissues, cells, organelles)

Explain how a one-celled organism is able to function despite lacking the levels of organization present in more complex organisms

 Explain the basic biochemical processes in living organisms and their importance in maintaining dynamic equilibrium


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