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This Webquest is aimed at 12-14 y.o. pupils in the bilingual stream of Dutch secondary education. It is a collaboration between the English and Art departments and can be extended to include the History and Geography departments, too.

Pupils are instructed to work together on various products that, combined, result in one end product -- the Grand Exhibition. This exhibition of pupils' work can be used for Open Days so parents and/or prospective pupils can be amazed by the school's many talents and challenging projects. The aim of the co-operative aspect of the Webquest is to instil in the pupils a sense of mutual positive dependency and both personal and collective accountability. The teacher will function solely as a 'guide' to the pupils, offering assistance but as little interference as possible. It is necessary for the teacher to be present in the classroom during all 6 lessons.

The end products have been chosen specifically to facilitate the pupils' multiple intelligences. Optional end products include opportunities for visual/spatial, musical, linguistic, intrapersonal and bodily/kinesthetic intelligences. Each 'travel group' should be put together so as to reflect the one dominant intelligence of all five fellow travellers who make up that group. By working together, all pupils in the class will develop their interpersonal intelligence.

By combining co-operative learning, task-based learning and Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, the creators of this Webquest hope to an achieve an optimal, contemporary learning experience for their pupils.

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